Forever Families - With a laugh and a smile, Joseph warms the heart

Joseph has autism, but people who work closely with him say with love and attention, he's learning quickly.

"He's just his own person, he's so unique and fun to be around," case worker Kendall Wylie said. "His speech has improved tremendously just from the six months I've known him. We went from one- to two-word commands and phrases, and now he's speaking, he actually spoke in a five-word sentence to me."

The 6-year-old liked to run around and explore, and was to learn how to work an unfamiliar lock on a door.

"That shows me that he's a good problem solver," autism specialist Dr. Melissa Olive said. "His ability to learn so quickly was very exciting for me."

With a kind and generous personality like Joseph's, it's not hard to fall in love with him.

ut along with love, the right family for him needs patience.

"I don't think there's any family that could be wrong for him," Dr. Olive said. "Unless the family doesn't have patience, but then that family may not be ready to adopt any child, because raising children takes a lot of patience."

With just a little patience, he'll let you in, to see one of his greatest qualities.

"He has a belly laugh that will make anyone fall in love with him," Dr. Olive said.

And a smile that can make you cry, a smile we hope he can share with his forever family.


By: Jennifer Borget - News 8 Austin

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