Message from a CARD Mom...

It's that birthday time of year again, we put Steven in that Philly/Johnny Callahan jersey and take his picture-to see how he changes over time.
The first picture is from when he was three, right after he was diagnosed. It took both of us to hang onto him, or he would elope into the street!

Tantrums were the norm, and forget about talking. It felt to me like back then there was no hope-and no way out of autism. Those were some hard days!

Today, the second picture says it all. Seven years old, and talking in sentences! He's a happy young man with a few close friends and he gets good grades at school.

Thanks everybody for helping Steven get where he is today. I get so emotional when I think about how far he has come. I try not to think about where he'd be without you all. We want to be sure every CARD team member knows that every day counts. Every session counts, each clinic counts. Doing everything we could did everything for him.

Thank you so much for being part of the journey with us-we appreciate every one of you!

With gratitude every year,
Lee and Char
Steven's parents

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  1. Way to go, Steven!

    Daniel B. Kessler MD, FAAP
    Arizona Child Study Center
    St. Joseph's Hospital and Medical Center