Autism: iHelp Is On The Way

The iPad is Apple's latest gadget that has consumers raving. However, little did Steve Jobs and his team of creators knows that this hi-tech gadget would one day help children with Autism.

Figure 1 Imagine handing over the key to your child's communication skills?

The iPad is being called a “quiet revolution” in the world of Autism because of the difference it has made on the amount of communication children with Autism are able to convey to those in their surroundings and the progress it has allowed them to make in those skills they were lacking.

“Since the iPad's unveiling in April, autism experts and parents have brought it into countless homes and classrooms around the world. Developers have begun pumping out applications specifically designed for users with special needs, and initial studies are already measuring the effectiveness of the iPod Touch and the iPad as learning tools for children with autism… some of these children have been able to communicate their thoughts to adults for the first time.”

Shannon Rosa has experienced firsthand the positive effects the iPad has had on her son, Leo. Like Mrs. Rosa, for parents with children on the spectrum, the iPad is not only a positive reinforce but a new tool that is allowing her son to learn skills he was unable to learn without the iPad. The iPad is not only entertaining to Leo, but a custom-tailored tool for Leo and other children with Autism who occasionally have low fine motor skills. The iPad is easy for Leo to navigate despite his disabilities.

Please read the rest of Shannon Rosa’s account of the “near-miracle” effect the iPad has had on her son. Perhaps it can help your child too.

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