Chelation Treatment Is More Harmful Than Good.

By Olivia Maximo

Chelation is the process by which metals are extracted from the body. Chelation therapy is a form of treatment employed by some parents with Autistic children. This therapy stems from the belief that Autistic Disorder is caused by poisonous levels of metal in children’s bodies. Although the theory is unproven, chelation is still practiced.

Companies selling chelators were contacted by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration after they found the chelation to be harmful to children causing cognitive damage, heart attack and even death.

These companies unlawfully boast the use of chelation to treat not only Autism but Alzheimer's and Parkinson's disease, all of which are coincidentally incurable. The FDA sent letters to the following companies, warning them of their illegal activities: Artery Health Institute, Cardio Renew, Evenbetternow, Hormonal Health, Longevity Plus, Maxam Laboratories, Maxam Nutraceutics, a nutritionist Rhonda Henry, and World Health Products.

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