Behind the Scenes: Sarah Cho, CARD Fresno Managing Supervisor on KSEE News

Yesterday I had the exciting opportunity to speak with Alex Delgado at KSEE 24’s Central Valley Today Show. We discussed
CARD’s upcoming insurance workshop which is being hosted at the CARD Fresno office on January 19th. I so was pleased that a local TV show felt the same urgency that we feel to share information with the families that have children with Autism. I had never been interviewed before and wanted to say so much more than what time allowed.

Families affected by Autism feel stress on a completely different level than other families with typically developing children. Every milestone, every setback is felt a hundred times over. I am in awe of the parents who fight to get their children the services they need on top of all the other things they are completely each day. They are heroes for their children in my eyes.

It is my hope that insurance funding will help all of the families and children here in the Central Valley that have yet to receive intervention or have a continued need for intervention. It was my pleasure to speak on behalf of CARD and I hope that a lot of you were able to catch the show! Best regards, Sarah Cho

Autism Insurance Workshop
January 19th, 2011
E. Clinton Way Fresno, CA

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