Early Intensive Behavioral Treatment Case Study

Early Intensive Behavioral Treatment
for a Toddler with Autism: Case Study of Outcome

Mary Ann Cassell
L. Fernando Guerrero
Jonathan Tarbox
Rachel S. F. Tarbox
Doreen Granpeesheh
Center for Autism and Related Disorders (CARD)

This case study describes the course and outcome of EIBI for a toddler diagnosed with autism who achieved optimal outcomes. The participant in this case received approximately three years of EIBI, addressing complex social skills (e.g., perspective taking, reciprocal social interactions, etc.), and incorporating naturalistic teaching procedures in combination with discrete trial training.

At the conclusion of EIBI, he achieved scores in the normal range on assessments of IQ, language, and adaptive behavior. He is currently placed in a typical kindergarten, is earning average or better report cards with no concerns, and his kindergarten teacher is unaware that he ever had a diagnosis of autism.

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