A Parent Talks About RECOVERED

Excerpt from Parent's blog:

"The Best Documentary on Autism"

My mom came across a documentary called "Recovered: Journeys Through the Autism Spectrum and Back".
It is amazing!

I have never seen anything explain autism, the need for early diagnosis and intense ABA IBI DT (Applied Behavioral Analysis, Intense Behavioral Intervention, Discrete Trial) therapy 30 plus hrs a week. Of course, Dr. Lovaas proved this a long time ago and there are many, many once autistic children who are now recovered adults among us unbeknownst to us because of this great man! But, for some reason the medical and public school experts are usually unaware of it, and we are often told to not expect our children to talk and to start saving money for their lifetime care. I love it when parents with children who lose their diagnosis of autism go back to those medical experts and watch the look of bewilderment in their eyes. Proof is seeing.

Read her complete story.

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