Scientific Review of the Immunization Action Coalitions Guidelines to Vaccination Policies

The issue of whether vaccines are related to autism in any manner remains a controversial and divisive one. The tremendous financial and public health ramifications of the issue render it difficult to imagine that individuals from any community, be it scientific, pharmaceutical, governmental, or parental, can remain unbiased while addressing it.

The following article, which is slated to be published soon, is by Dr. Andrew Wakefield, one of the most active and controversial players in the debate, and consists of a response to the document entitled “Clear Answers and Smart Advice About Your Baby’s Shots” by Dr. Ari Brown, published by the Immunization Action Coalition.

Among the primary points of the paper is the fact that the debate can only be solved by sound scientific research, not strong opinion, a point with which we firmly agree. We encourage a careful reading of the paper and we encourage the reader to assess the levels of evidence presented for the various claims on both sides.

This is not a debate that will be solved by faith in one’s own position, nor by acrimony toward others, but by scientific research alone.

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