Shedding Light on Autism

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May 15-17, 2009
Big Sur, California

Spend a weekend at Esalen with Dr. Baker,
Former Director of the Gesell Institute
of Human Development, co-founder of DefeatAutism Now! and co-author of Autism: Effective Biomedical Treatments, and practicing physician.
Treating the Unique Child: Private Options, Public Policy and the Autism Spectrum will be an intelligent conversation leading to the ultimate question faced by parents, teachers, physicians, therapists: “Have we done everything we can for this child? ”

This is a question Dr. Baker learned to ask in Nepal in 1959 when he apprenticed with Dr. Edgar Miller during a year off from his Yale undergraduate education. This question should concern those entrusted with public policy, where one-size-fits-all approaches is in direct contrast with the fundamental law of Nature: that each living organism is unique. Individuality has practical clinical implications, and demands a tailored approach the individual, not a standard protocol.

The following relevant issues will form the basis for the symposium with Dr. Baker:
  • Six rules for preventing autism. And why…
  • Seven top treatment options for my child. And why…
  • Lab tests: which, when, and why.
  • What lessons have we learned from the children who recover?
  • How does the language of name-it, blame-it, and tame-it prescription pad medicine affect clinical decisions?
  • And other questions that you bring to the conversation as parents, practitioners and policy makers.
Enrollment is limited. Please reserve early
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