A Night of Entertainment

By Angelina Acevedo and Andy Blazaitis

Our New York, NY office was transformed into an Art Gallery / Lounge the evening of April 24th. All around were beautiful modern masterpieces on display by our kids that would have put Jackson Pollock and Andy Warhol to shame. The pieces were filled with expressions of raw emotion that jumped off the page and spoke volumes to the soul. Music and excitement filled the air.

Managing Supervisors Deidra King and Frank LoCurto kicked off the festivities with a moving speech and Andy Blazaitis our Scheduler opened up the show with a song that had the kids mesmerized. One little diva decked out in pink stole the show with a riveting performance of “If Your Happy and You Know It (shout Deidra)” sung on the silver tinfoil microphone constructed by Office Manager Angelina Acevedo. The kids were clamoring to the stage to take their spot in the limelight. It was beautiful to see them all interacting with one another in a little jam session. Some of the performances included “Lean on Me”, “Let it Be”, “Happy Birthday” and “Twinkle Twinkle”.

The energy was further amplified when Office Manager Angelina Acevedo sang “Redemption Song” in her silky smooth voice, followed up with the interactive sing-a-long with the kids “Itsy Bitsy Spider”.


Our special guest Final Gravity closed out the show with a Jerry Garcia tune and had the kids moving and shaking. One young, wavy-haired Adonis tried to keep the show going and had the ladies in an uproar. These kids would’ve have jammed all night, if it weren’t for Mom’s and Dad’s getting tired. It was truly a spectacular night and another fundraiser is already in the works. Next time we’ll be sure to have more instruments to go around to really get that modern jazz sound and have our own making of the band.

American Idol has nothing on these rising stars Maybe we’ll see you there!

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